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Standing frame seat

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • 74/02
  • Complete

Standing Frame SeatA wheelchair user who needed to use a ‘standing frame’ to strengthen her leg muscles was hoisted to and from the standing frame. Her wheelchair could not be positioned directly in front of the standing frame as a bar protruded from the frame between her legs. It was not safe to hoist the client over the bar. She needed to be in her chair directly in front of the standing frame and the chair needed to accept the protruding bar.

A seat was designed according to the client’s leg measurements when seated, with a back to the chair to give the client support and very importantly, to go over the protruding bar from the frame. A non-slip mat was stuck to the seat to prevent the client from sliding off.

The client is now able to collapse onto a seat after her standing exercises, the standing frame moved away from her and allow the staff to hoist her back into her wheelchair.


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