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Stroke patient scanning board

  • Sophie Morrison
  • York
  • 05/688 2006
  • Complete

Stroke patient scanning boardThe local hospital asked for a scanning board as a therapy aid to help patients suffering from strokes to overcome a frequently encountered difficulty in that they are unable to turn the body to scan to the left. There was limited space available in the therapy room.

A four part scanning board was made consisting of white magnetic boards mounted on a castored tubular steel clothes rack. The two outer boards were hinged to reduce storage space requirements. Numbers and letters on white plastic tiles and with a magnetic strip on the reverse were made and can be placed on the board as required.

A low powered laser pointer fitted with a small 45° degree angled mirror is hung around the patient’s neck and shines on the board to show how far the torso is being rotated when searching for specified symbols.

The stroke patients can now be re-taught how to turn the torso to the left.

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