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Sudoku set for blind user

The panel was contacted by the husband of a lady who was a talented pianist and artist before becoming blind in her late 70’s due to Temporal Arteritis.  She had enjoyed playing Sudoku so we were asked if we could produce a set for her to use.

The solution

An initial visit was made to understand the client’s requirements and capabilities.

As the client was totally blind clearly anything we produced would need to rely purely on touch.

Six 35mm wooden cubes were produced and fitted with plastic headed soffit nails to provide the numbers 1 to 6 laid out as on a dice.  These were given to the client who found it easy to identify the number of each cube.  It was agreed therefore, that we would produce a 6 by 6 play board together with the requisite number of blocks.

The play board was made using scrap wooden blind slats let into a plywood base.   A wooden block was fitted to one side to identify the front of the board.

36 blocks were drilled, using an aluminium drill jig, and fitted with soffit nails producing six play blocks of each number 1 to 6.

A further 24 setting blocks were produced which were 25mm deep so they could be distinguished from the play blocks (see complete set of photos).

The competed set was finally delivered to the client just prior to the November lockdown

The benefit

This new Sudoku set allows our Client to return to enjoying her favorite pastime. Her husband texted to say “Pat says your Sudoku set is perfect, well done.  Thanks very much, Pat”

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