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Suitable wheels for Rollators on bowling green surfaces

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(posted by Paula Allchin)

We have received a request for ideas/solutions for the following problem from Steve Rodwell of the English Indoor Bowling Association.

Rollator issues – at this moment in time I am seeking views as to how we can “widen the wheels” on the various Rollators, which will then enable us to convince the Bowls Carpet Manufacturers that the use of the modified Rollator will not invalidate the “Bowls Surface Guarantee”


Email –

Stephen Rodwell Development Manager English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd Tel 01664 481900 (Office); 07831 284748 (Mobile)  Twitter: @englishindoor
Thank you.

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3 responses to “Suitable wheels for Rollators on bowling green surfaces”

  1. PeterP says:

    Golf Trolley wheels? I have a couple if you want to try them.

    Peter Parry (South Herts)

  2. Mark Mercer says:

    Ideas to consider:
    1 For the rear wheels, acquire more of the same size and bolt on. (Like the double wheels of trucks).
    2 Failing that make it a turning job. Wide wooden wheels (rollers) cupped to fit over.
    3 For the front make a sledge (Like a miniature snow board)
    4 Mount the whole thing on a bit of shiny flat aluminium suitably turned up at the edges.
    5 Make three little skis. (Like those on aeroplanes that land and take off on snow)

    I think wide rear wheels and a front skid might be choice because if it was hard to push it could be rocked back.

  3. Ron Foster says:

    Dear Steven – The basic problem is the allowable unit loading at the wheel contact point, in other words you have to use larger wheels to reduce the contact pressure. Having said that we need some guidelines on allowable the maximum contact load now in use. One could envisage a 25 stone person with small feet would simply sink into the turf – hence there must be laid down guidelines. Obviously there are ways round this problem i.e. larger wheels with part deflated pneumatic tyres, but any Rollator with a fork wheel connection immediately limits the wheel size. The better alternative solution is with Rollators with stub axle fixing which could be modified to accept a wider wheel.
    Nature has provided a camel with larger feet to reduce the contact pressure required for operation on sand!


    Ron Foster

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