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Supermarket trolley linkage

Our client has MS and relied on her wheelchair and help to get around, but found that her new wheelchair had side frames that were much further back than usual, such that she could no longer use the special wheelchair trolleys at her local Morrisons supermarket when she went shopping with her carer. Using a separate trolley significantly increases the time to do the shopping as well as being a bit impractical.

Transferring to one of the in-store electric buggies which are also available was out of the question.

The solution

The solution involves a removeable aluminium frame with longer arms which clamp to the wheelchair frame hand grips, using special clamps, and then onto the rear of the trolley. The existing trolley linkages can be tucked out of the way as they aren’t needed.

The frame is also constructed so it can be taken apart for storage without any loss of strength, by undoing hand wheels at the two corners. It is covered in heat-shrink sleeve for a durable finish and improved grip when attaching/detaching it.  Padding at one end mitigates a slight risk of a carer dropping the frame onto the client’s legs whilst clamping the other end to the wheelchair.

The benefit

The weekly shop became a little easier.

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