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Swim launcher

Swim launcherElizabeth, who has multiple sclerosis, was ‘a real water baby before the disease took hold’, wanted a wheeled trolley to carry her across a beach to the sea.

The design was based on a ‘rickshaw’ style trolley utilising a braced ‘T’ bar frame, braced from. Low pressure ABS (anti-lock) rimmed tyres were mounted on the cross bar with a third tyre on a castoring action axle at the front. The seat, seat frame, foot board, tyres and castor assembly were all demountable for storage.

The benefits are best described by quoting from Elizabeth’s letter: ‘My husband had no trouble pulling it across the sand. He took me into the water. I got off and swam away! It felt fantastic. When too tired to swim I sat in it on the edge of the sea and let the waves break over me – magic!’ Quoted by kind permission of the client.

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