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Travel Toilet Seat

  • Pippa Cousins
  • Cambridge
  • CB1830
  • Complete

The Occupational Therapist asked for “Some form of adapted seat that fits over a normal toilet, with back support, and harness to provide stability whilst seated. It needs to be light, & able to fold away into a carrying bag.”

However, it transpired that the client already had two existing toilet chairs that fitted onto brackets securely fitted to WC. Both chairs were made by Rifton, an American company, and both had been discontinued, with no available spares.
The older one was small, light weight and the back folded down. This was the preferred chair for travelling.
The newer chair was larger, heavy and bulky even when folded down. It had a purpose-made portable frame for travelling use and designed with special clips. The smaller chair was not designed to fit onto the portable legs, but directly onto the toilet.

The solution

The solution was to make the smaller chair fit onto the portable legs, by designing an adaptation converter bar to fit both parts together.
A white sprayed stainless steel bar was designed to fit the chair which also had polypropylene blocks at each end, shaped to clip into the leg frame. The blocks were fitted with stainless steel nuts and bolts, making the converter bar hygienic. See photos.


1. Project background: The manufacturing company provided two types of toilet chairs and one portable base with carry bag, which was only suitable for connecting the heavy chair.
2. Project details: To connect lighter chair onto base.
3. Method used: As the existing lighter toilet chair did not fit onto existing base, a stainless steel adapter converter bar was designed to enable the lighter chair to fit onto the portable base.
4. Previous risk: As stated by the manufacturer. The complete portable toilet eliminates contact with public toilets for better hygiene. NB. The folding base is designed for use in exceptional situations, not as a primary base.
5. New risk: A risk assessment of the converter bar joining the two parts is ‘low complexity,(MS)’
Materials used, stainless steel bar with polypropylene joints secured with stainless steel nuts and bolts.
The item has acceptable risks for the purpose intended .
6.  Conclusion: No change of risk.
7. Client accepted the new arrangement and confirmed it was necessary for them to supervise the portable toilet in use.

The benefit

The parents are able to transport this toilet seat easily, making days out more feasible, and holiday packing easier!

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