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Two technical queries: helping a blind guitar player tune his guitar and preventing a boy from kicking people in the car

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(posted by Susan Iwanek)

We have been approached by Colin Harrison, Mobility Officer for the blind at Ceredigion County Council, who is wondering whether Remap could create an audible guitar tuner for someone in his area.

The person concerned is a totally blind guitarist and would very much like to be able to use a tuner to check the tuning of his guitar strings.

Colin thinks this would involve adapting an existing L.E.D. tuner so that instead of different coloured lights indicating the accuracy of tuning, different sounds or tones could be heard to indicate slightly flat, slightly sharp or perfectly in tune for each string in turn.

Colin has made enquiries of the R.N.I.B. who have said that as far as they know such a piece of equipment does not exist. He has approached Remap nationally because he feels it is the sort of thing that could be made remotely without client visits being necessary.

If any member is interested in helping, Colin can be contacted at, and please copy me in so that I can keep an overview.

The second query is from an OT who is trying to find a solution for a young man who repeatedly kicks other people in the car. This is something that I believe various Remap panels have encountered several times. Could anyone who has done such a job email me at with details of how they found a solution? I will pass them on to the OT concerned. There is not a local panel currently able to help her.

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2 responses to “Two technical queries: helping a blind guitar player tune his guitar and preventing a boy from kicking people in the car”

  1. Tony samson says:

    Re audio tuner for guitar.

    As a violinist I used a set of four pitched pipes (G,D,A,E) to tune my violin. Surely these or the guitar equivalent would be relatively easy to use by a blind person.

    Tony Samson

    PS what is “URI” on the reply panel ?

  2. PeterP says:

    describes such a device and includes build details and software. The tuner used is under £10 and available at

    If he just needs the audio tones then something like

    will generate the E, A, D, G, B and E tones for tuning reference and should be useable by a blind user.

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