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Urgent help needed – powered easel

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From Terry Tomlin  Engineer; Gloucestershire and Herefordshire
I have a client with rapidly deteriorating Motor Neuron Disease who has already lost the use of his hands and arms. Prior to the onset of this condition he enjoyed painting.
He now wishes to adapt to mouth painting, however as he has limited head movement, he needs an x y ( + z ? ) powered easel similar to that produced for case 3704 / Chiltern South, see  Remapedia
Given his continuing rapid deterioration and adverse prognosis there is insufficient time to develop and produce a bespoke unit.
Does anyone know of a surplus powered easel or possibly a supplier of an available commercial device which could easily be adapted ?
Terry Tomlin  Engineer; Gloucestershire and Herefordshire panels.
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One response to “Urgent help needed – powered easel”

  1. Chris Gibson says:

    Doncaster Panel have a multi-directional easel that was intended for mouth operation. If you have a 2007 Remap Handbook this project is featured in the prizes on page 11.

    The unit has left – right, up – down and towards – away actuators powered by a 12 volt source.

    If you are interested please contact our Chairman, Brian Downes on 01302 539878 who is intending to travel your way at the end of this week (the easel would be difficult to package for transport by courier)

    Regards, Chris Gibson, Referral secretary.

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