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Urine bottle night time emptying

Our client was struggling with his care provider due to their staffing shortages and was often in a situation where the time period from being put to bed by his carers to a visit next morning was up to 12 hours.  He was able to hold and use a urine bottle but his lack of dexterity meant it really needed to be emptied after each use to avoid spillages.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Ian Midgley sourced an identical urine bottle to the one the client was able to hold and use. A hole was drilled in the base of the bottle with a step drill and a 15mm tank connector fitting installed which is typically used in household plumbing, and a flexible drain hose used to link the bottle to a larger container beneath the bed.  The hose was the type you find as the waste pipe on a washing machine or dishwasher.

Tank connectors come in two types. Those which have a couple of pegs on the inside surface which are fine to grip with pliers if you are fitting them in a plastic water storage cistern, but not much use in this case.  Another type has a normal hex drive on the inside – and that was the type used.  A simple “crows foot” wrench with an offset handle was made and given to the client to grip the tank connector from the inside of the urine bottle if it ever needs to be tightened up.   Note that the rubber washer on these fittings is always fitted on the inside surface. What you see on the outside in the main photo is a second rubber washer trimmed on two edges to take account of the way the bottle is moulded as there is a relatively small flat area to work with.

The benefit

Our client was able to manage between visits pending the resolution of the care provider problem.

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