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UV screen for electric car

UV screen for electric carThree year old Alice has severe xeroderma pigmentosa, and, as a result, her skin is totally intolerant to ultra violet light. Alice had recently been given a small electric car and wished to be reasonably free to use it outdoors but when out she has to ensure her skin is totally covered to prevent exposure to sunlight.

A UV screen with enough air space around it to permit ventilation and minimise any possibility of claustrophobia was required. A frame was manufactured from tubing which clipped to the front of the car, located in guides at the rear and tilted forwards to facilitate entry/exit. Acrylic sheeting was attached to this to provide all-round vision and covered with a UV solar film designed to block 100% of UV rays, whilst being transparent to visible light. The roof comprised a section of black-out blind material. “Driving gloves” are worn to protect the skin on her hands.

Alice can now play outside with her friends without having to wear her facial protective screen.

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