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UV Shelter for Quad Cycle

Alice, who is 5 years old, has the condition known as Exeroderma Pigmuntosum (XP); she has zero tolerance to the UV component of normal daylight – even on overcast days. As such she has to have her entire body screened from daylight and can only go outside during daylight hours if she has been completely coated in protective cream, wears opaque light proof clothing and is wearing a special hat assembly which incorporates a UV screen built into its face visor. This is extremely restrictive and prevents her from normal play and experiencing the normal stimuli other children take for granted. Her head-piece is also cumbersome and stuffy during warm weather.

A means was required to permit a “normal” play experience with her friends.

Having previously made her a UV cover for her small electric car (which she has now out-grown) we considered the manufacture of some form of bicycle arrangement. Because of potential topside weight problems a standard 2-wheel bicycle was not feasible. A tricycle wasn’t considered “cool” so we manufactured a quad cycle by combining two bicycle frames. One cycle is considered the master unit and is the only one with steering control, with linked steering to the other cycle. This unit was also fitted with a fixed wheel sprocket to permit both forward and reverse movement.

To provide UV protection a tubular steel frame was manufactured to which was fixed impact resistant acrylic, the inner surfaces of which were coated with a UV blocking film (Dermaguard). Hinged side doors provided ready access and egress. The roof of the enclosure was covered in light-proof blackout blind material.

Alice can now play freely with her friends and has developed confidence in her own abilities.


UV Quad Cycle 1UV Quad Cycle 2

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