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Variable Height Washing Line

The client can’t raise her arms above shoulder height without severe pain and therefore finds it nearly impossible to hang her washing out on the line. This is made worse by the washing line running from the top of a steel post on a hill in her garden to the barge board on her bungalow, meaning in some places the line was too high regardless of her disability.

She needed a system where the line could be lowered to a comfortable height for loading and then easily hoisted back up afterwards.

The solution

To solve this, Mark made and fitted a brass hoop with nylon rollers around the steel post. Two steel cored looped lines were then attached from this hoop to the bargeboard with pulleys on either end, this allowed the client to peg all her washing out from one location by simply moving the line along.

The post hoop was attached by a line running up to a pulley at the top of the post and then down into a winch
at a comfortable height. This meant the client could lower the post end of the lines and then easily hoist the loaded lines back up due to the mechanical advantage of the winch.

Post Winch & Control Line

The benefit

The client’s day to day life is improved and she now no longer has to suffer severe pain whilst hanging the washing out.

Engineer: Mark

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4 responses to “Variable Height Washing Line”

  1. PeterCattermole says:

    John, Remap’s role is to custom design and build projects. We like to ensure that the solution is fit for the intended purpose. If you go to our website you can find out your local panel and they will be able to help you and your mother.

  2. John Farrow says:

    Looks like the answer to a washing line problem we have for my elderly mum
    What do you need to give me a quote to supply only
    The pole height each side would be3.5 to 4mtrs
    The Washing line span between post would be approximately 6mtrs

  3. Sophie Morrison says:

    Hi Mrs Singh!
    We’d be glad to help you out! Please have a look at Remap’s website and get in touch with your local group. Alternatively, if you give us a ring on 01732 760209 or email, we’ll happily link you up with a local volunteer who can help.

  4. Mrs R Singh says:

    I would like a line like this one as I unable to raise my left arm as it’s broken and due to surgery on right arm I have similar problem.
    Please let me know accordingly.
    Many thanks and kind regards
    Mrs Singh

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