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Ventilator Carrying Trolley

The client was just starting sixth form college and needed to build her strength by walking rather than riding in a wheelchair.

She breaths with the help of a battery powered ventilator which is connected via a tracheostomy and mounted on the rear of her wheelchair, along with other items and emergency equipment.

The challenge was to separate this equipment from the wheelchair and allow her to walk with it around college whilst using the ventilator.

The solution

To solve this, Jim built a pull along trolley. Steel rails on the top allowed Velcro straps to be used to mount the main ventilator and emergency bottle. An internal removable tub was used for all other items, and a rain cover was also provided.

The box of the trolley was built from 9mm marine plywood and mounted on four braked castors. The steel pull along handle was repurposed from a water drum carrier and could be stowed vertically when needed through the use of a magnet fixed to the box.

The benefit

The trolley was happily received by the client and her medical team and will help build her strength up each day.

Engineer: Jim

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