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Ventilator Trolley

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The client’s named nurse told us “This 4 year old client is fully ventilated (24hrs) via a tracheostomy, and requires a suitable trolley, to enable them to move about easily whilst attached to the ventilator. The trolley needs to support the child’s mobility whilst carrying the ventilator, providing age-appropriate independence during waking hours.” Below is a photo of the trolley supplied, before modification:

The solution

The child needs a ventilator at all times, connected to a tracheotomy by a plastic tube. When in “wet circuit” mode a humidifier is also connected into this tube. At home the equipment sat on a large trolley, but for trips outside the home, including to nursery most mornings, the mother had to carry the ventilator and could not use the wet circuit. They had been supplied with a trolley, but it was not able to carry all the gear.

Remap made and fitted a platform above the trolley’s main tray, to hold the ventilator. The trolley was also modified so that its handle, and the platform, could be folded down for transport in the family car. A clamp for the humidifier was also added to the main tray level. The wheels were modified, castors being tried at one end but then abandoned in favour of the original multi-directional wheels. The child was able to push the loaded trolley, enabling independent mobility, and the trolley also proved valuable for trips to hospital.

Photos show the modified trolley in its upright and folded positions:

The benefit

Phoebe now has a greater level of independence, being able to walk and push the trolley, with less carrying required by Mum. The fact that the trolley also fits in the car means that it’s perfect in all environments, including Nursery, Hospital, and family outings.

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4 responses to “Ventilator Trolley”

  1. Bernadette Fraley says:

    Hello, my granddaughter will hopefully be discharged from Birmingham Children’s Hospital at the end of September, she will have a portable ventilator. I am very interested in the trolley that Phoebie has for her portable ventilator, please can you advise how we can purchase one and how much they cost. They live in South Staffordshire.
    Bernadette Fraley

  2. Sophie Morrison says:

    Hi Iman,

    Remap is a charity that custom makes equipment for disabled people when there’s nothing on the market. If you’re in the UK, this is likely to be something we can make for you for free. Please contact us with your address and we’ll link you up with a local volunteer who should be able to help.

  3. Iman Khogali says:

    I’m very interested in the ventilator trolley that folds away, please can you send me the dimensions and price

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