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Walker Brake Handles Modified

The finished modification

The finished modifications

This elderly client had very limited ability to use his fingers to pull up on the brakes of his walker. He mainly used the walker by resting his knuckles on top of the handles as a support. This was fine when he was moving on level ground, but the walker tended to run-away on a down-hill slope. He wanted the brakes to be knuckle-operated and to work when he pushed them downwards. He hoped that the solution would not be too visually obvious to other people.


The brake handles were extended upwards by adding wooden platforms just alongside the top of the walker grips. Plywood inserts were manufactured and wooden members were glued and screwed to the inserts. The inserts were a push-fit in the brake handles, but were secured with two screws through the plastic mouldings.

SF2423_3 SF2423_5

Testing the handles before painting

Testing the handles before painting


In operation, the modified handles proved to work well.

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