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Walker loader

Walker loaderA lady with severe back problems is able to drive but cannot go out alone because she cannot load her walker into her car.

Fitting a system of cords and pulleys to her car without the need to make major modifications to the vehicle meant that the client could load the walker into the car after use. As the client starts to raise the walker it tips over the sill of the car boot into the car. The pulley system accommodates the client’s lack of physical strength whilst being also light and portable.

The client is able to use her car without having to be accompanied.

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One response to “Walker loader”

  1. Casey says:

    Is it possible to get instructions for how to set up a system similar to this? I am in the U.S. and my mom has stopped going out because she can’t load her rollator into the car. My father and I are both very handy.

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