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Walker quick release clips

A simple solution to allow a walker / rollator to be taken apart easily by a gentleman with arthritis, so it can fit in his car.

The Challenge

Our client has a Medequip supplied 4 wheeled walker which needs to be set at a high handle position when in use.  However this is too tall to fit into the boot of his car. The height is adjustable and the walker will fit in when set at a lower position. This entails undoing the clamping arrangement and withdrawing it from the tubing. The clamp consists of a plastic knob / curved spacer / washer and threaded bolt each side, and he is likely to drop a few bits when he attempts it. Remap were asked if we could come up with a quick release clip.

The solution

Engineer Ian Brocket came up with simple and highly effective solution using 25mm “Terry” spring clips (aka tool clips), and 6mm bolts, washers and nuts.

A “Terry” clip

Two clips + 1 spare.

Clips shown in position on the walker.

The benefit

Our client was very pleased with this simple solution.

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