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Walking Frame Supporting Platform

Our client had great difficulty going up his two steps from his hall to his kitchen. To solve this, REMAP has created an overlapping extension platform to the bottom step between the hall and the kitchen in order to accommodate the client using his walking frame.

The Challenge

The client had a stroke which has affected his mobility and short-term memory, meaning he now relies on his walking frame for stability and support. However, the client had two steps, each five inches high, that lead from their hall to the kitchen, in which they had great difficulty using. The client’s family requested a customised ramp that could be built to allow easier access from the hall to the kitchen and then help the client down the steps. They have tried putting two handles on either side of the wall.

The solution

After several visits and fittings, REMAP provided and fitted an overlapping extension platform to the bottom step to help the client using his walking frame. Thus the client is now able to go through the doorway in two stages.

The benefit

This simple yet effective solution means the client no longer finds it difficult to go up the steps between the hallway and the kitchen. The client is very pleased with the solution that REMAP has provided.

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  1. Anon says:

    This looks amazing!

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