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Walking stick – Fischer handle

The client had learning difficulties and is paralysed in his left hand and foot. He needed his Tetrapod walking stick handle changing to a ‘Fischer Handle’.

The existing walking stick handle was removed by drilling out a rivet. The second stick with the Fischer handle on it was cut at 100mm below the handle. Both sticks were constructed from aluminium tube and the 100mm of tube beneath the Fischer handle was a perfect fit inside the tube of the existing Tetrapod stick. A 3mm hole was drilled through both thicknesses of tubing just beneath the handle and a self-tapping screw was fitted to solidly hold the handle to the lower part of the stick. The height adjustment of the stick was by means of telescopic tubing which ‘clicks’ into position with a spring-loaded button. The client did not like the slight amount of wobble which this allowed so a further two self-tappers were fitted through these sliding tubes to make the entire stick rigid. The height required from floor to top of the handle was 860mm.

The Client is now able to use a walking stick with a suitable handle.

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