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Wheel polishing fixture

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The client has a business polishing motorcycle wheels. He has specialist polishing equipment but to use It he must support the wheels for long periods in his hands. His medical condition is gradually causing a weakness in his arms and eventually will not be able to support weights for long periods. A special support fixture was needed to enable him to work over long periods without having to support the weight of the wheel but allow adjustable positioning of the wheel in all axes. The fixture needs to move easily on the workshop floor and be adaptable for two types of wheel.

The solution

A fixture pillar was constructed using a telescopic tube arrangement, sitting on a rigid base, fitted with industrial braked castors. The wheel mounting beam could also slide in the horizontal plane. The wheel spindle was fitted with different collars to accommodate the types of wheel being polished and could also be pivoted in all planes.

The benefit

Enabled the client to continue his work without excessive strain on his arms.

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