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Wheelchair modification for Chloe

Chloe has been controlling her electric chair with her right foot for several years. She needed a new chair but could not find one with a foot control and the required low speed operation. The chair is for indoor use only.

A new chair with joystick control was purchased in consultation with the panel. The problem was to fit a suitable foot control with reduced – speed running without breaking into the new electronic controller. The joystick controller for attendant control was re-positioned and the joystick extended and fitted with a floating plate controlled by four solenoids which were controlled and aligned with four switches in the foot control. Adjustment of the solenoids gives precise crawl speeds in all directions. The warranty on the chair has not been infringed and the complete attachment can be transferred when the chair needs replacing.

Chloe now has much better control of her chair, particularly when turning.


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