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Wheelchair safety barrier

A barrier along the edge of a set of steps to make manoeuvring a wheelchair safer.

The Challenge

Currently, the only level access for our wheelchair bound client in/out of the house is via a back door at the top of a small flight of stone steps.  The turning is very tight indeed such that a box section around a soil pipe has already had to be removed to give a few extra inches of space for relatives/carers to steer the chair through 90 degrees.   Remap were asked if we could make this a little safer whilst longer term options were considered.


The solution

A barrier of strong but lightweight aluminium box section was added to two bespoke brackets.  The roof height is quite low so a hinged solution wasn’t possible, so the barrier just slots into the brackets when needed, and is a firm interference fit.  The barrier was finished with heat-shrink sleeve to give a durable finish.

The benefit

The barrier provides more confidence for carers and relatives.

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