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Wheelchair support handles

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2017/59
  • Complete
WC foot supports raised Wheelchair with foot rests raised …

WC foot supports down
… and foot rests down in normal use.Ladder bar
The client was struggling to carry out standing transfers from wheelchair to toilet, particularly when out and about.

“Ladder bars” handles were bolted onto the underside of the wheelchair’s existing footrests, and a new plate fitted to allow the footrests to be rotated and locked into an upright position, presenting the handles for use.

The handles can be left in place, hidden below the foot rests, when the wheelchair is in normal use, so no extra paraphernalia needs to be carried.

The height of the handles will rise in the future as the foot rests are lowered to accommodate leg growth.

The modifications are easily unbolted when wheelchair is returned.

The client’s mother was chuffed to bits with the way that they can also be used as restraints when the client is sat on a normal toilet, to prevent him falling sideways, and in disabled toilets where the usual fold-down arms are far too wide apart for him.

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