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Wheelchair temporary foot plate

Our client has a condition that makes her right leg/foot move backwards involuntarily off the foot rest of her wheelchair and towards the centre.   A referral had been made to the local wheelchair services for a more suitable wheelchair  but there was a lead time in assessing and provision.   Remap were approached to see if we could provide a temporary solution to mitigate the risk of injury.

This photograph shows where the client’s foot tends to end up when not secured.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Jon Parlby made a foot plate that clamps over the existing foot rest and provides a heel strap and foot locating strap to prevent this involuntary movement.  Note that the client only uses the wheelchair when being moved so the duration of use is relatively short.

The foot plate prior to an improve heel strap being made for it.

Our client’s foot secured on the plate.

The benefit

Our client’s foot remains safely secured when she is being moved around in her wheelchair.

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