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Zimmer frame arm gutter supports

Our client is of very short stature with significant posture issues.  She had been using a child’s zimmer to help her walk, which had previously been modified to have an extra set of wheels, but this wasn’t providing the support she needed.  Remap were contacted to see if we could help.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Ian Midgley initially tried an arm-gutter modification to a delta rollator which had proven successful for other clients. Whilst this worked very well around the house, toilet transfers were still an issue as the client had a particular way of transferring due to her height which involved putting her weight onto the handles of the zimmer and leaning forward, whilst stepping back onto a step in front of the toilet.   It was clear a bit of a hybrid solution was needed so Ian added shaped copper tubing to the zimmer, securing it with Stauff clamps (used to secure hydraulic pipes) and transferred the arm gutter supports to the new tubing.  Heat-shrink sleeve improves the look of the solution.

The benefit

The client can transfer to the toilet using the method that works well for her, but also has extra posture support around the house from the arm gutter supports provided.

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