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Arabella’s Fitness Fundraising Challenge

Arabella’s father, Chris Rees, sadly passed away in June this year. Now she is seeking to raise money for REMAP in his memory.

Chris was a dedicated and passionate volunteer with REMAP for over 15 years, working with our York Branch. During that time he worked on dozens of projects, using his incredible knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering. His final invention was kindly completed by other REMAP volunteers and consisted of a delicate ‘picker upper’ made for a teenage client who was delighted with this solution.

In late November, Arabella will be taking part in the Hyrox fitness race in Chris’ memory. Hyrox is a high-intensity event which combines both running & functional fitness. Participants run 1km, followed by a workout station, repeated eight times!

Workouts consist of a variety of activities including rowing, sled push & pull, farmer’s carry, sandbag lunges, wall balls and burpee jumps. Arabella will be competing as a team with her husband, and they will both be raising money for REMAP. You can donate via their JustGiving page here.

Arabella explains more:

“I am, by nature, a problem solver and my father was the same. REMAP had enabled my father to try to find solutions for other people in his inventions, and taking part in the Hyrox fitness race is part of how I am solving for living with rheumatoid arthritis.

I began personal training in 2021, as I adapted to living with the chronic condition of rheumatoid arthritis. Whilst, thankfully, medication is helping me to manage the worst of the symptoms now, at its most challenging the condition prevented me from even walking without considerable pain.

The personal training has helped me to believe that my body can work again – albeit with considerable effort. So, it seemed apt bring together the two of fundraising for REMAP by participating in the fitness race – in memory of my father, and to do a little good.”

Everyone here at REMAP extends their best wishes to Arabella & her family and sends her the best of luck for the event!

All photos courtesy of Arabella Garvey

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