Brian sleeps soundly again - REMAP - Custom made equipment for disabled people
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Brian sleeps soundly again

Brian is at risk of falls. At night he sits up to get out of bed but then is apt to fall asleep again and fall from the bed. He needed an alarm which notices if he goes back to sleep and wakes him up before he falls over. Enter Remap West Midlands!

First, an alarm strapped to Brian’s leg which sounded when his leg was vertical was tried, but this was too uncomfortable for him to wear for a long time.

In the end, a special touch pad connected to an electronic detector with a buzzer and flashing light was constructed. This was placed on the floor next to Brian’s bed, with Velcro pads to stop it from slipping. If Brian falls asleep by accident, his foot touches the detector, which sets off the alarm and wakes him up again.

Brian sleeps much better now that he feels safe at night. Thanks Remap West Midlands!

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