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Clare on the archery range aiming her bow at a target. She is using her wheelchair and her custom-made bow mount.

Clare’s archery bow mount

REMAP engineers created a bespoke bow mount for Clare, so she could fulfil her ambition of becoming an archer.

Clare Taylor from North Wales is a wheelchair user with Multiple Sclerosis. At the beginning of 2021, she saw adverts for have-a-go sessions at her local archery club and decided to attend one of these sessions with her husband and daughter.

Both her husband and daughter tried archery for the first time and became hooked. However, Clare didn’t have the strength to hold the bow due to weakness down her left side, so was unable to get involved.

Over the next 12 months, Clare met archers from different clubs and became part of the Wales Developmental Forum. Through this forum, she first became aware of REMAP and the work we do, providing custom-made equipment free of charge for disabled people.

Clare decided to give REMAP a shot. She says: “We contacted REMAP at the beginning of 2023, who put us in touch with Brian Lammond. We explained my issues and asked if they could help us to design and make a frame that could hold a bow and allow me to get involved in archery.”

Brian, who is the Chair of our North East Wales branch, was initially befuddled by the request as he had no idea about archery. He discussed it with the branch treasurer on the way to meet new volunteer, Ian (known as Spike). To their surprise, at this meeting, they learnt that Ian was a coach at a local archery club. Unsurprisingly, Ian took on the task.

Finding the Solution

Firstly, Ian met Clare for an initial assessment and formed a plan.

“It was clear that if we could somehow brace the bow against Clare’s wheelchair to assist her bow arm, then there was no reason why she couldn’t draw, aim and shoot a suitable powered bow.

“Clare and her husband David had already determined that a Genesis compound bow would be the ideal starting point, given its inherent simplicity and adaptability. Due to the bow’s low draw weight and the relatively small reaction forces transferred to the archer on shooting, I was quickly able to design a secure mounting system that connected the bow to a sturdy camera pan and tilt head on a heavy-duty tripod. Preliminary tests showed it was an ideal combination.

“It was important for Clare that the system could be quickly attached and detached from her wheelchair, so she could move to and from the shooting line with ease. On the assumption that there would always be a family member on the line willing to assist in attaching a couple of clamps, David and I came up with a simple bracing system that he could quickly attach to Clare’s wheelchair that transferred the compression and reaction loads directly into the wheelchair, allowing Clare to concentrate on the shot.

Clare's bespoke bow mount on top of a table.

how It’s HELPEd

“After a couple of test fittings and adjustments, we trialled the system at our indoor range – Clare was hitting the gold at 20 yards within the first six arrows! The bow mount worked amazingly well, and I’m both proud and grateful that my assistance has helped her to achieve her ambition of becoming an archer.”

Brian attended the night Ian was testing his work on the archery range, and he watched Clare use the bow.

“It was such a lovely moment when she hit the target and she realised she could join her husband and daughter on the range. The smile on her face told us everything. Ian is typical of all our volunteers who bring joy to people and we are very grateful to them all.”

Ian’s custom bow stand has made a big difference to Clare.

“Since I’ve had the equipment and started my archery journey, I have completed a beginner’s course and become a full member of Corus Deeside Archery Club. To date I have earned two 252 progression badges at 20 and 30 yards.

“The help from both REMAP and Ian has been invaluable. It has enabled me to become an archer, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do.”

Clare on the archery range aiming her bow at a target. She is using her wheelchair and her custom-made bow mount.
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