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Etta’s Beautiful Butterfly Chair

Meet Etta, a fiercely independent young girl who came to Remap with the simple request of wanting to sit at the family breakfast bar by herself. 

With nothing commercially available that fitted her needs, Etta had to sit in a high chair or be lifted on and off of stools with her legs left dangling. As she was getting older and finding her independence, it became more and more frustrating for her and her family.

With the help from volunteers at the Essex South Remap branch, Etta got her very own chair fit for her needs. The chair was made to be adjustable, easily foldable, featured a footrest, and included a special butterfly pattern – made just for Etta.


Mum, Sally explains what it was like seeing Etta get on her chair herself for the first time: 

“It was so lovely to see how excited Etta was! Remap had gone to the effort of asking what colours Etta liked and decorated the chair for her, so when the chair arrived covered in pink butterflies, she was over the moon! For her to then climb up herself was a great moment, so much so we struggled to persuade her of it!” 


For Etta, this is more than just a chair. She can climb up onto the chair herself and has somewhere to rest her feet, helping her sit comfortably, whether she is eating, playing or reading. Most importantly, it means she can access the table the same way as the rest of the family. 


Speaking about the need for custom-made equipment and how it has impacted Etta’s life, her mum says: 

“With remap, having something custom-made feels like a relief. You talk through the challenge in detail, then someone goes away and solves that problem and works with you to adjust and try things as you go. Then when it’s finished you know it is exactly what’s needed and the person it is intended for was at the core of the design, not an after-thought. It still makes me happy when I see Etta using the chair, but she doesn’t even notice it, which is as it should be.” 


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