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Evie Sews Again!

Evie reached out to REMAP because they were unable to use their sewing machine without pain and fatigue.

Evie has a diagnosis of Myalic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and uses a wheelchair due to fatigue. Before contacting REMAP, they couldn’t use the foot control pedal of their sewing machine. Evie had been trying to use their hand and arm to control the pedal, but the amount of pressure needed was causing so much pain and fatigue that they were only able to do a few minutes of sewing each day.

Evie reached out to REMAP and our Bristol branch adapted the pedal, so that Evie could use it from their wheelchair.

Evie says:

“I finished sewing this skirt and matching headpiece. It’s the first big project I’d finished in a while and I’m really happy with how it came out.

“A huge thank you to REMAP volunteers for creating a foot pedal I can use with my wheelchair! As I can still move my feet, they created a box that replaces my foot plate, holds the pedal at an angle to reduce pain/fatigue from pushing my foot down and stops it from slipping. So happy to be able to sew again with less pain. ❤️”

We’re so thrilled that Evie is happy with this solution and we love the outfit that they’ve created using it!

Evie poses in their wheelchair, they are wearing a tiered black gingham skirt and a matching headpiece with a white blouse, socks and black shoes.
The skirt and headpiece on a mannequin.
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