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Hazel smiling while using her trike with the adapted pedals

Hazel’s New pedals

Hazel’s mum, Emma, tells us about their experience with REMAP.

I just wanted to take some time to let you know how thankful we are for REMAP’s efforts to help my daughter, Hazel.
Hazel has to wear AFOs and has limited movement in her legs, and we were advised to try cycling to help her rehabilitation. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a way to attach her feet to pedals and therefore were advised to contact yourselves.
We were transferred to the Worcester office and Les got in touch with us. He was incredibly helpful and friendly, and after a call and a few visits to check everything was right, he provided Hazel with her trike pedals.
I cannot explain how thankful we are for these, as it has already made a huge difference. It is helping her movement in her legs, and even doing the school run to collect her sister is now so much easier and actually a fun task for Hazel. Rather than having to be pushed in her wheelchair, as it is too tricky for her to push due to the terrain, we can use her bike with ease.
We are so thankful, and just wanted to pass on how much we appreciate it. 🙂

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