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Head-mounted binoculars for Emmy

Emmy sits on a bench holding her binoculars and headsetEmmy does not have the use of her right hand because of an aneurysm many years ago. She is a keen birdwatcher and outings with a bird watching group provide valuable exercise and social contact. But her left hand was not able to hold her binoculars steadily to her eyes for long enough to see birds clearly.

She asked us for a lightweight device to hold the binoculars steady in front of her spectacles, with the option to swing the binoculars up out the line of sight for walking and also to remove them altogether if needed, all with the left hand only.

Remap volunteer Michael Snell started with a head-mounted brow guard of the type used with chainsaws, and from there developed the device for Emmy. She can now join her friends on bird watching trips and can watch birds for prolonged periods without using her hand to hold her binoculars at all, once they are adjusted and focused. Then she can raise or remove the binoculars for walking to another place. This enables her to enjoy this sociable outdoor activity.



Technical details for this project are available on MakeAbility

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