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Ingenious cup holder

Imagine the frustration and difficulty of washing up a cup or mug when you can only use one hand. Doreen lost the use of her left arm following major surgery several years ago. She lives alone and after making a cup of tea wants to be able to wash the mug by herself. This is quite a tricky business, so she asked Remap Essex West for a gadget to help her with this task – she could find no commercial products that were suitable.

Local volunteer Richard Folkson took on the task and decided this would be a good application for the 3-D printer recently obtained following a donation from the local Rotary club. A washable, plastic base was printed, with stainless steel rods to hold the mug or cup in place. Suction pads hold the device to the bottom of the sink.

Doreen is now able to wash up her mug independently, by placing it in the mug holder, in the sink.

See the cup holder in use here

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