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Keith’s crutches go hands free

Anyone who has ever used crutches knows that they never stay where they are propped. No matter how careful you are, they always end up on the floor. For someone as busy as Keith, this is highly frustrating. Trying to balance his crutches and his piles of marking on his lap while scooting around busy school corridors was an impossible task.

Luckily, Martin from our Essex Central group was able to come to the rescue. He mounted a steel disc onto each crutch, and tiny yet powerful neodymium magnets around Keith’s home, school and on the back of his scooter. Keith simply places his crutches so the magnet attracts the discs and they are held firmly. When he needs them again, a quick tug on each crutch releases them from the magnet and he’s ready to go.

Keith says, “Remap adaptations undoubtedly make my day-to-day life much easier with a positive effect on my mindset. Small tweaks do make a big difference.”

A longer version of this article appeared in the Essex Chronicle on 19th April 2018

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