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Lizzie Gets Creative!

Lizzie has Cerebral Palsy, which means she cannot use her hands for tasks like painting. Lizzie likes to participate in art therapy sessions but being in a wheelchair makes it difficult for her to paint on a commercially available easel. A device was made for her some time ago which allows a paintbrush to be attached to a cycling helmet. However, this was difficult for her to use, as it kept slipping and was uncomfortable to wear. Her painting therapist Simon had to hold her painting attached to a board so she could reach it.

After discussions with Simon, a new device was created for Lizzie by Volunteer Engineer, Peter. The device holds her paintbrush firmly to an adjustable head harness, giving her better control over what she paints. Peter also adapted her easel to lean forwards and clamp onto a table, helping to aid Lizzie’s posture.

The two adapted devices enable Lizzie to now paint for longer in comfort. She also has more direct control over the process, becoming less reliant on Simon to help her with her beautiful creations.

Happy painting Lizzie!

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