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Stairs with REMAP's hand rail adaptation folded out

Rebecca’s Handrail

We’re celebrating 60 years or REMAP by looking back at the lasting impact we’ve had throughout that time.

Today we wanted to share a lovely update that we’ve had from Rebecca’s mum, Lindsey, about a handrail that REMAP installed for Rebecca when she was 11.

Lindsey says: “REMAP made a unique adaptation about 15 years ago to my stairs to enable my physically disabled daughter to manage the climb almost unaided. We still use it every day, she is now 26.

“We wanted to get Rebecca to be able to tackle the stairs with minimal help. She had good upper body strength but if we had a rail either side of the stairs, it was too far apart for her arms.

“REMAP made a fold out section with a rail to make the gap narrow enough for her to pull herself up, yet fold away for everyone else in the family.

The stairs with the hand rail adaptation folded in.

The stairs with the hand rail adaptation folded out.

A close up of the hand rail adaptation.

“We’ve been so grateful every day… thank you!”

We’re so thrilled that this adaptation is still being used daily and love this happy video of Rebecca climbing the stairs with her handrail!

If you or your child could benefit from a bespoke adaption, then please get in touch.

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