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Stephen and Danny’s Great North Run Success!

On Sunday 10th September, as thousands of runners hit the streets of Newcastle and Gateshead to take on the Great North Run, REMAP was proud to have two exceptional representatives among them.

Danny Rees and Stephen Golder laced up their running shoes not only for the thrill of tackling the half-marathon challenge but in support of REMAP’s mission – to help disabled people of all ages live more independently.

Stephen Golder prepares for the run

Stephen Golder has a deep-rooted connection to REMAP. His father, John Golder, served as the Organiser for REMAP Scotland for many years. Stephen fondly recalls how he used to assist his father with fundraising letters, gaining an early appreciation for REMAP’s vital work. John Golder was a tireless advocate for the cause, travelling across the country to meet REMAP’s dedicated teams of engineers and volunteers. These extraordinary individuals selflessly dedicate their time and expertise to design customised aids for those who need them when no suitable commercial solutions are available.

What sets REMAP apart is its commitment to innovation and tailor-made solutions. Our team of expert volunteers don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions; they invent and craft equipment specifically designed to enhance the quality of life and boost independence for each person they serve. Stephen told us it was his father’s story that inspired him to take part in the Great North Run for REMAP.

Stephen was joined in this endeavor by Danny Rees. Danny is a devoted REMAP volunteer engineer from the Cleveland Panel. His commitment to improving the lives of disabled people across the North East is truly commendable, and his engineering prowess shines through as he designs and crafts bespoke aids. We spoke to Danny after the event and he told us: ‘It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years, I absolutely loved every second of it. The support from everyone on the day is amazing and I’d still be finishing the last mile if it wasn’t for all the crowds cheering the runners on!’

Danny Rees at the finish line

We want to extend a huge thank you to Stephen and Danny for taking on the challenge to raise money for REMAP.

As you read this post, you still have the opportunity to contribute to their fundraising campaigns. Your donation will help REMAP to continue its invaluable work of designing equipment that transforms lives. Whether it’s an adapted wheelchair, a cleverly engineered sleeve-rolling gadget, or a reclining garden chair custom-made for an amputee, REMAP’s volunteers are there to bridge the gap where commercial solutions fall short.

To make a donation and support their mission, please visit their individual fundraising pages and contribute whatever you can. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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