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Steve’s Shower Solution

REMAP engineer, Steve Groves, adapted a shower control lever for a client who did not have enough wrist strength to work her shower valve.

Steve says:

I took a load of tools to the client’s home and after a look at what the issue was, came up with a simple removable solution. I cut some PVC pipe and shaped it using a hot airgun. This pipe was shaped and formed to simply press fit onto the shower valve and was long enough to exert enough pressure to work the shower with very little effort. Its shape also meant it didn’t foul a handrail.

I have also just built a handheld movable step aid for this client as she told me she needed one but couldn’t seem to find one anywhere.

Our client says:

I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have a lot of pain in my hands and fingers, and if I do something that upsets them it takes a long time to settle down.

The handle in my shower to turn the water on and off was too short. I’d been able to work with it until my hands got worse and then it was just too stiff to turn. I was using two hands and it was really very sore. It needed a longer handle on it to make it easier to turn on and off.

I thought a plumber would be able to do something, but they said I’d need a new shower, or I would need this or I’d need that.

Then Steve came and had a look at it. He just went to the car and got something and did it. It was brilliant. It was just exactly what I needed. He just knew exactly what to do and he did it.

The handle has made a big difference, far less pain and it’s far easier to turn on and off. It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s saved a lot of pain for my hands and fingers and has just saved me a lot of hassle.

Would an adaptation make daily life more accessible for you?  Get in touch.

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