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Tracy gets coffee to go

A chance meeting led to a new discovery for Tracy:

I was waiting for an eye test with a lovely lady whose husband is part of Remap whilst in my wheelchair juggling my handbag, phone, 2 glasses cases that wouldn’t fit in my bag, and a cup of coffee — and had a near miss with a burns injury.

She asked hadn’t my chair come with a cup holder, life would surely be easier? I sadly pointed to the shattered fixings of my most recent cup holder attached to the side of the chair that I hadn’t quite got round to removing after destroying it on a doorway.

A silver cup holder clipped to the arm of a wheelchair

Tracy’s cup holder has a stylish brushed steel finish and is almost indestructible!

She explained to me that Remap can make things for the disabled that simplify life – the kind of things that will work for you. My cup holder seemed trivial in comparison to the needs of others, but a phone call, a couple of emails later and a lovely man called Peter came to my house.

Peter inspected Bob [my wheelchair] and took measurements — even measurements of my travel cup. He made some sketches of the in frame attachment mechanism it would need then said it should only take a little while.

A week later, Peter was back with a custom, screw into the wheelchair frame, tough, perfectly sized cup holder with a rubber bumper to protect stuff when I crash.

It might seem like such a small thing, but having the use of my hands on the move, not holding a cup of boiling liquid between my thighs and risking burns — it’s such a big deal for me.

I can’t thank, praise or recommend Remap highly enough. Thank you so much.

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