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Voice controlled tech for Philip

Like many of us, Philip would be lost without his PC. As he is losing the use of his hands, he uses an Integramouse so that he can control his computer with his mouth. This needs to be mounted within easy reach using an adjustable arm.

Philip also uses speech to text software with a microphone. This too needs to be positioned near his mouth. The problem, therefore, is that the Integramouse and the microphone get in the way of each other as they both need to be in the same place. Philip needed assistance to move the Integramouse away from the microphone when he wanted to enter text, and back again when he needed the cursor. This got annoying very quickly.

Remap engineers Mike Banks and Bernard Killeen took on the challenge. They made a voice controlled, motorized arm for Philip’s Integramouse. With a single word, Philip can now move his mouse in and out of position. The device stands freely on his desk and also contains a special microphone which is designed to pick up the words that Philip dictates and nothing more.

Philip says his new gadget is ‘very good’. Philip’s wife translates that as ‘absolutely brilliant’!

Here’s Philip demonstrating his new device:

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