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Arabella’s Fitness Fundraising Challenge

Arabella’s father, Chris Rees, sadly passed away in June this year. Now she is seeking to raise money for REMAP in his memory.

Chris was a dedicated and passionate volunteer with REMAP for over 15 years, working with our York Branch. During that time he worked on dozens of projects, using his incredible knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering. His final invention was kindly completed by other REMAP volunteers and consisted of a delicate ‘picker upper’ made for a teenage client who was delighted with this solution.

In late November, Arabella will be taking part in the Hyrox fitness race in Chris’ memory. Hyrox is a high-intensity event which combines both running & functional fitness. Participants run 1km, followed by a workout station, repeated eight times!

Workouts consist of a variety of activities including rowing, sled push & pull, farmer’s carry, sandbag lunges, wall balls and burpee jumps. Arabella will be competing as a team with her husband, and they will both be raising money for REMAP. You can donate via their JustGiving page here.

Arabella explains more:

“I am, by nature, a problem solver and my father was the same. REMAP had enabled my father to try to find solutions for other people in his inventions, and taking part in the Hyrox fitness race is part of how I am solving for living with rheumatoid arthritis.

I began personal training in 2021, as I adapted to living with the chronic condition of rheumatoid arthritis. Whilst, thankfully, medication is helping me to manage the worst of the symptoms now, at its most challenging the condition prevented me from even walking without considerable pain.

The personal training has helped me to believe that my body can work again – albeit with considerable effort. So, it seemed apt bring together the two of fundraising for REMAP by participating in the fitness race – in memory of my father, and to do a little good.”

Everyone here at REMAP extends their best wishes to Arabella & her family and sends her the best of luck for the event!

All photos courtesy of Arabella Garvey


This client, a young girl, has radial dysplasia meaning her right arm is shorter than her left and she has limited grip strength in her right hand. She has always wanted to ride a scooter or bike but needed an adapter for the handle bars to make this possible. 

REMAP engineers from our Southampton branch designed an extension bar and ring to the handle bars using a pair of saddle clamps. 3D printed saddle clamps were made in carbon reinforced PLA, with additional metal plates each side to increase strength and durability. The arrangement allows the extension to be clamped to either the horizontal handle bar or the vertical stem as required, and adjusted to suit the client. This means it can be used on different bikes as the client gets older.

The adapter was delivered and fitted to new bike bought for the clients 12th birthday. Within her back garden, she was able to successfully ride and control the bike. The client was thrilled with the adaption and it was a dream come true for her, as she was finally able to ride a bike for the first time!

If you or someone you know would benefit from one of our adaptions, please visit:

Superhero Series

On Sunday 1st December Ian and Tom, two great Remap supporters, together with their trusted sidekicks, took on the Winter Wonderwheels challenge in Dorney Lake. We would like to say a special thank you to them for braving the cold in order to support Remap. Super congratulations for completing the Superhero challenge! At the Superhero Series, they are all about the Everyday Superhero and no one is more Super than Tom and Ian! One of their superpowers is definitely their determination that allowed them to complete respectively a 1k and 10k run. And we can confirm you: they smashed the dash! Thank you to them and all their supporters who kindly donated money towards their challenge. Thanks to their generosity, we raised over £1000 that will go towards helping more disabled people live more independents lives.

A man leans out of the window of his car and tips his hat

Remap Awards 2019

We had a wonderful day in London recently, celebrating our ingenious volunteers and their creative solutions to everyday challenges. Here’s a summary of this year’s award winning projects:

Founders Award

Niall McCarroll of Remap Berkshire

Niall made a small speech amplifier which clips on James’ glasses. Read more



Wolff Award

Akshaya Ahuja of Remap Cambridge

Akshaya made a wearable pressure sensor to help Sarah correct her posture. Read more



Remap 50 Award

Nigel Barnicle of Remap West Midlands

Nigel’s chariot for Tom’s trike lets him indulge his need for speed safely. Read more



Sport Award

Richard Brown of Remap Basingstoke
Richard’s lightweight, portable guide rails help this team of visually impaired bowlers find the right lane. Read more



Miller Centre Trust Award

Michael Snell of Remap Cambridge

Michael’s single-handed binoculars mean Emmy can keep birdwatching. Read more



Able Magazine Award

Philip Watts of Remap West Midlands

Philip’s railway-inspired turntable mean that Roger and his daughter are able to leave their house. Read more



Carpenter Award

Derek Hayes of Remap Kent

Our ‘simple but effective’ award goes to Derek, for his comfortable and discreet alternative to the standard neck brace. Read more



A man stands smiling in front of a Remap banner

Remap awards 2018

Today, members and friends of Remap gathered for a special awards ceremony in London to celebrate the achievements of our many dedicated volunteers. The awards were presented by Dave Henson, engineer and Paralympian, who said, “I am blown away by the ingenuity of Remap’s engineers. They are coming up with some really unique, creative solutions which have a massive impact on people’s lives.”

Our talented makers, inventors and engineers submitted a strong field of applications for our prestigious awards, which this year included the inauguration of the Able Magazine Award. After much deliberation, the winners were announced as:

Many congratulations to the winning projects, which represent some ingenious solutions to problems faced by individual disabled people from across the country. Like all of our equipment, each of these devices was given away free to its new owner, for whom it was specially designed. Our hard-working team of volunteers help about ten people every day in this way, allowing people in their communities to stay independent, regain lost skills and discover new ones. We are grateful to each of them for their expertise and continued support, allowing us to make more things possible for more people.

Mike’s bike takes him to Paris!

Mike “the bike” Stevens joined Richard Brown in the Remap hall of fame by completing a 300 mile cycle ride from London to Paris last week, arriving in time to see the finish of the Tour de France.Mike 1 (576x1024)

Completing the challenge on his mountain bike, Mike averaged 12.4, 13.5, 13.1 and 12.9 mph each day respectively.  Arriving back in the UK Mike said “I am very pleased with the first day’s average, given the never-ending very steep hills.  The last day would have been quicker, but we assembled in Paris then did a slow group ride along the Champs Elysees to the finishing line, where we were presented with our medals.”

According to those that had done the challenge previously, Mike’s was the more difficult of the two routes with more climbs on the first day.  The weather was generally very good, warm with light cloud cover, except on the afternoons on the 3rd and 4th days when it became sunny and hot.  The winds were generally west or south westerly for the most part, so not always helpful, apart from Day 3 when there was a light tail wind.

Mike  raised over £1,300 for Remap during the four day ride.

Richard on his bike for Remap!

Remap volunteer Richard Brown has just completed an amazing cycle ride in aid of Remap. Richard cycled over 300 miles from London to Paris, arriving in time to see the finish of the Tour de France.

Arriving home fit and well, Richard commented “I was very pleased with my own performance especially the third day, doing 90 miles at 12.6 mph with 4600 ft of climbs.  Not bad for 73 years old!”

The four day ride raised nearly £2000 for Remap.

Cycling up the Champs Elysee

Cycling up the Champs Elysee


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