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The People Making Things Possible – Adithya

Adithya, one of our talented volunteer engineers, gives an insight into her background and what drew her to start volunteering for REMAP.

I am from India. I did my bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and biochemical engineering.

From a very young age, I had a mindset that there is no profession or tasks that women should be kept away from doing.

When I was in high school, I developed the passion to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to directly help people get the right resources, especially in the healthcare sector, including food, nutrition, proper education, access to healthcare facilities, diagnosis etc. And this passion led me to pursue my bachelor’s in biotechnology.

During my bachelor’s, I got involved with various projects for which I have received funding from various agencies. And at a point, I felt that I should expand my skills and knowledge especially related to biomedicine, since my interests were in developing biosensors and related devices.

During this period, I also worked as the Chief Technical Officer of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre in my college. That has made a huge difference in me, it moulded me with skills and lots of experience. I have also coordinated to implement the National Innovation and Startup Policy in my Institution.

These experiences helped me a lot to develop my soft skills, leadership etc. The area of biosensors, organ-on-chips etc is not well researched in India, it’s still in its budding stage. So, I came for my master’s in biomedical engineering at Strathclyde looking forward to expanding my knowledge and gaining international exposure and experience. I believe it’s very important to gain experience before going for entrepreneurship.

After joining Strathclyde, I worked on different part time jobs and currently I am working as an intern at Wild Hearts Group, a social corporate company. During this time, I recognised the need to improve my skills and gain practical experience, as it is important while entering the job market as well.

And I found REMAP, where I can apply my skills, learn new skills and grow. Moreover, I liked the concept of helping people with disabilities in a way that they want. I believe this is where real engineering comes into play.

Currently I haven’t started working on any projects, I still have to go through a mentor and learn things before doing something on my own. I am looking forward to that as well in the coming days. 

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