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a mobility scooter with a dog trailer attached.

Helping Wendy and her Assistance Dog

Our client, Wendy, uses a mobility scooter and was looking for a safe solution so she could tow her assistance dog, Carmen.

Although Wendy had a Canine Partner Assistance Dogs trailer, she was unable to attach it to her mobility scooter using the normal connectors, rendering the trailer unusable for her. She reached out to REMAP to ask us to help create a more suitable connector and was paired with volunteer engineer, Martin.

Wendy told Martin, “I have dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa recessive (EB). It means my skin shears off or blisters at the slightest touch. I can’t manage fiddly things like catches etc. I was diagnosed at birth. Any damage to my skin risks incurable skin cancer.”

It was therefore imperative that the new connector addressed Wendy’s limited dexterity and the fragility of her skin.

Martin used his 3D printer to create a bespoke connector that was appropriate for Wendy’s scooter and securely attaches Carmen’s trailer to it. The new connector is also accessible to Wendy and easy enough for her to handle so that she doesn’t risk harming her skin.

This new connector has made a huge difference to both Wendy and Carmen, especially as Carmen’s favourite beach is over four miles from their house. This was much too far for Carmen to run so, having the new connector means that Carmen can travel there and back in the trailer. She and Wendy can now much more easily enjoy their time at the beach together.

Of the engineer who made this possible for her and Carmen, Wendy said: “Thank you for allowing Martin to help me connect my scooter to my Canine Partner Assistance Dogs trailer. He’s really clever. Carmen really loved his visits. She just wanted him to cuddle her. She’s a good judge of character.

I’m thrilled with what Martin has done. The new connector is absolutely amazing. It keeps us safe in the trailer as well.

Thank you once again for helping me maintain my independence.”

Wendy was previously helped by REMAP in 2019 with a modification to her scooter which enabled her to get it safely in and out of the car.

At the time, she told REMAP: “I honestly do not know what I would do without your charity. I honestly do not know what I would do without your help. Thank you.”

A mobility scooter which has a trailer attached to the back. A Labrador is sitting in the trailer, and a man in a fluorescent jacket stands beside it.
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