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Completed guitar strummer with attached foot pedal on top of a work bench

Creating a Foot Operated Guitar Strummer!

After a severe stroke prevented a client from strumming his guitar, our Leicestershire and Rutland branch engineered an ingenious solution.

Our client’s lifetime hobby was playing the guitar. However, after a severe stroke affected his right-hand side, he could no longer use his fingers to strum it. This significantly impacted his enjoyment of his favourite pastime and made it very difficult to get a sound out of the guitar.

Our client reached out to REMAP to ask us to design something that would support his guitar. He was still getting a little satisfaction from using his left hand to touch the strings as though he were playing chords, so a guitar support would keep the guitar in place while he did this.

The terrific engineers at our Leicestershire and Rutland branch went even further.

Initially using wood, they engineered a moving mechanism that replicated the direction of fingers strumming against guitar strings.

Work bench with wooden prototype of guitar strummer, along with work tools and a pair of glasses

They elevated this into a sleek design which they connected to a foot pedal.

Completed guitar strummer with attached foot pedal on top of a work bench

This tool allows our client to strum the guitar using the movements of his left foot. This innovative invention has allowed him to reconnect with his passion, and has greatly improved his quality of life.

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