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Terry Tomlin, a member of the Hereford and Gloucester panels, is seeking advice from members. He writes as follows:

I wish to check whether a solution already exists to what I think might be a relatively common problem. The client, referred to the Herefordshire panel, has a form of muscular dystrophy which requires the use of Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure ( IPAP ) system which involves him wearing a close-fitting face mask whilst sleeping. This is currently retained by a series of head straps.

The client has only limited hand and arm movement so is currently unable to install this device himself and carers come at bedtime to fit it. A modified pendant strap allows him to remove it himself on waking.

Due to budgetary cuts (!) the timing of carers’ visits is to be changed such that he will be compelled to be put to bed relatively early in the evening, curtailing socialising, watching TV, etc The client is otherwise independent, drives his own modified car, etc.

The requirement is for the client to self fit (and remove ) the mask. Has this problem been solved elsewhere ?

I already have some ideas, but wish to avoid "re-inventing the wheel" I`ve checked, so far without success, with the MD Campaign; and also on Remapedia.

If you have any suggestions, please contact Terry at

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