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Trays for special chairs

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The children, who all suffer from Cerebral Palsy, have special high chairs, with a large tray mounted on the front. The tray is used for various purposes, including the use of a simple keyboard for interactive use of a computer. Each tray needs to be adapted to the needs of the individual child. A cut-out is required in the front of the tray so the tray can fit around the child’s body. As the children’s arms tend to flop over the sides of the trays, it is necessary to mount padded restraints near the edge of the tray, again to suit each child. Custom brackets are required to mount the restraints. Remap are requested to modify three trays , all with custom brackets to mount the padded restraints in a position to suit each child, and one with a deeper cutout in addition to the restraints.

The positions of the restraints, and the extra cut-out were specified by the OT and marked on the trays during the initial visit. A pair of handed brackets were made to suit each tray, using 0.9mm stainless steel sheet. The brackets were secured to the trays using 5mm nuts and bolts with load spreading washers against the plastic tray. The stiffening grid on the underside of two of the trays limited the positions for the bolts, necessitating a different bracket design for each for each tray.

Each child has a tray suitable for hisher needs


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