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Adapt child’s scooter

The child hand has no arms below the elbows and no hands. No legs below the knees and no feet.  He has just started school and wanted to have a scooter like his class mates.  With no hands he can’t grip the handle bars.  Using gutter downpipe outlets these formed sockets he could put his arm stumps  into.  HI has  short prosthetics  on his legs.  A wooden dish was made to fit on the footboard for the prosthetic to fit in.

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2 responses to “Adapt child’s scooter”

  1. AYESHA AKBAR says:

    Hi there I have a friend and her child who is 8y old has never rode a bike are a scooter and I would love to full fill his dream to do so have you got any recommendations please on what will be suitable for him are any ideas on how he can ride a bike is there anything available for children who have no arms that can ride a bike are scooter etc

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