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Audio typing aid

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • LN/07/19/b 2009
  • Complete

Audio typing aidThe client works for the police and transcribes from taped statements, etc. Her tape machine has a two- directional foot pedal, and use was causing repetitive pain in her hip. She required a means of controlling her tape machine which avoided use of a single operating movement, which would continue risk of repetitive strain.

A spare foot pedal was used as a junction box to connect 3 panel mounted latching on/off switches positioned on the wrist support in a comfortable manner. A multi core cable connects the three switches to the junction box and the cable, which previously connected the foot pedal, was used to connect the tape recorder via its 12 pin plug. The multicore cable was secured to the underside of the wrist support.

The client is able to operate the tape recorder using the ‘heel’ of the right hand for the ‘play’ function and the left wrist for ‘forward’ and ‘rewind’. The required movements are thus spread and further repetitive strain avoided.

(Lincoln & District)

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