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Bespoke bed padding

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  • 23-1836
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The client required modification to his bed to prevent injury from uncoordinated movements.

The Challenge

The client has an accora floor 2 bed with all the padding in place (sides, head of the bed, foot of the bed). The client suffers with dystonic movements and the exposed metal parts of the nobs of the cot sides are not padded, his unpredictable movements mean that his limbs contact the sides and he is at risk of injury.

The bed has all of the padding available from the manufacturers.

The solution

The solution is simply a large cushion folded over the head board and foot board of the bed.  Cushion 1.2M X 450mm X 50mm was foam filled,. The  cushion and fabric supplied and stitched by EU Fabrics in Birmingham had a large zip centre back to allow insertion of the foam and access to sew the tapes and velcro.

The benefit

The solution prevents injury to the client.

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